Upswift REST API is open for all Upswift customers. Although, some calls are available only for paying customers. Each device can send up to 3 API calls in a minute. If you reach the limit, you will receive an appropriate response code. Please check the response codes and send no more calls than the limit. Otherwise, your device may get banned for API calls. All calls require user_token and some of them require device_token. Both can be found on each device after the device has been successfully registered to the platform inside the file: /etc/upswift/service/settings.json.

Here is a ready-to-use piece of code to pull user_token and device_token automatically with a Python script from the device:

import json
import requests
UPSWIFT_SETTINGS_FILE = '/etc/upswift/service/settings.json'
#Pull Upswift tokens
with open(UPSWIFT_SETTINGS_FILE) as json_file:
data = json.load(json_file)
#Upswift tokens
user_token = data['user_token']
device_token = data['device_token']

The API is working with Upswift Agent versions 5.0 and above.

All endpoints' payload data is in JSON format.