Device registration

Installing Upswift agent returns "http/1.1 400 bad request"

Your wget can't execute HTTPS requests. This can happen when you have an old wget binary or old Busybox binary. Upswift installation requires an updated wget or Busybox (version compiled in 2015 and above).

To fix this you can try to run the installation command with "http" instead of "https" or upgrade your wget/busybox.

  1. To upgrade Busybox, please download the binary and replace with the old binary or contact us at for technical installation support.

  2. To upgrade wget, please run the commands below:

    • apt -y update

    • apt install -y wget

Cannot verify certificate

Add --no-check-certificate after the wget inside the installation command:

wget --no-check-certificate -O - ""...

CentOS/Red Hat - SELinux permission issue

Upswift agent can’t work properly with SELinux enabled, to fix the issue, please add the following se-policy to your Linux device or disable SELinux:

Add Upswift to the device se-policy

  1. Run the next Bash command as a root user:

wget | semodule -i upswift.pp

2. Reboot the device.


Disable SELinux

  1. vi /etc/selinux/config (edit SELinux config file).

  2. Change the SELINUX parameter from enforcing to disabled (disable SELinux system).

  3. reboot (reboot the device).