Resources monitor

The Resource monitor tool lets you view all of your device's resource usage in one place, in real-time.

The Resources monitor allows you to view your fleet resource usage in real-time for up to one week. You can choose which devices to monitor via the Filter bar

Time range restriction:

  • For 1 device you can see up to one week of resource usage history.

  • For 5 devices you can see up to 24 hours of resource usage history.

  • For more than 5 devices up can see to 5 minutes of resource usage history.

Graph gaps:

  • If the distance between two points is greater than 1000 times that of the two closest points, the graph will be broken.

The following metrics are monitored by default: RAM usage, CPU usage, DISK usage

To optimize performance when viewing more than 10 devices the graph will render in boost mode

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