Connecting a device

Creating a Project

The next step after registering to Upswift platform is creating a project. You probably have done it during the first login onboarding, but if you haven't, at the top of the dashboard, click on Create Projectand enter your project name.

Connecting Linux device

After creating a project, at the top of the dashboard, click on Register Device. A window will pop up with instructions on how to register a Linux device. Basically, all you need to do is run the shown command on the device's terminal.

Registration command:

su -c 'wget -O - "" | sh -s <USER_TOKEN> <PROJECT_NAME>'

Please note that you must replace the <USER_TOKEN> with your private user token and <PROJECT_NAME> with your project name.

Optional Parameters

  1. Device Name - to enter a device name at registration, add the flag -n=<DEVICE_NAME> at the end of the registration command (for example, you can use "$HOSTNAME" as your device name).

  2. Device Group - to make the device register to a specific group, add the flag -g=<GROUP_NAME>at the end of the registration command (the group must exist).

  3. Device Software version - to set the device software version at registration, add the flag -s=<SOFTWARE_VERSION> at the end of the registration command.


su -c 'wget -O - "" | sh -s <USER_TOKEN> <PROJECT_NAME> -n=<DEVICE_NAME> -g=<GROUP_NAME> -s=<SOFTWARE_VERSION>'

After a few seconds, your device should appear in the Devices category on the Dashboard.

If you don't see your device in the dashboard:

  1. Check the network connection of your device.

  2. Make sure systemd or SysV is installed.

  3. If you are using SysV, make sure the systemd directory doesn't exist: /etc/systemd/system.

  4. Make sure the user_token and the project_name are correct.

  5. Make sure You run the installation command as a root user.

  6. Check the Troubleshooting section for common issues and fixes.

Connecting non-Linux device

In order to connect a non-Linux device, please refer to our Agent API guide.

Unregister/delete devices

To unregister/delete a device from the dashboard, go to the Devices category, click on the device you want to unregister, click on Edit Details below at the General Details section. A Delete device button will appear. Click on it and the device will be unregistered from the dashboard.

The agent on the device will automatically delete itself in ~30 minutes. If you would like to delete the agent immediately, reboot the device or restart Upswift service using the command: systemctl restart upswift / service upswift restart

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