Map / Location

When a device registers to the platform, it is automatically assigned a location using the public IP address of that device. The location is received using Google geolocation service and might be not accurate.

You can view your device fleet on a map in the Dashboard category based on their location.

There are multiple options to modify a device's location:

  1. At the Devices category, when selecting a device, at the General Details section, click on the Change button, then click on the Manual location option and enter the desired location. Then, click on the Save Changes button to save the new location.

  2. Using a REST API call, you can send a new location (address or lat/lng values) and the location for that device will be modified accordingly.

  3. In the Settings category, under the Project section, you can click on the Refresh location button. This will iterate through the selected devices and change their location based on their current IP address. Keep in mind that devices that are configured to Manual location will not be modified.

When a device registers to the platform, by default the device is configured to an Automatic location. This means that when you will trigger a location refresh through the Settings category, this device's location will be modified based on it's public IP address.

If you change the configuration of a device to a Manual location, any later location refreshes will not be applied on that device.

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