Integrating Other Private Container Registries

Upswift container update tool supports the use of your Private Container Registry to pull and deploy private images on your devices. In order to deploy a container update from your private registry, be sure to first configure a Private Registry Account in the Upswift platform and to select it when deploying the container update.

Configuring a Private Registry Account

To configure a Private Registry Account in the Upswift platform follow these actions:

  1. In the Upswift platform go to the Create Update Flow tab in the Update page

  2. Drag the Deploy Container Block into the Update Flow and click on the Block.

  3. Select the Private Repository checkbox.

  4. Click on the Add Account button and select Private Registry in the Registry Provider dropdown

  5. Enter your the Username, Password and Registry Address for your private registry (The same details used in the docker login command - read more here).

  6. Click Save Account, choose the new account you just created as the Docker Registry account and continue the deployment.

When deploying a container update with a Private Registry, the Repository Name should be the full path of the image (containing the registry URL).

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